Why become a member?

Чланска картица
SGD Membership Card

– Serbian Geological Society currently has more than 300 active members, geologist and associates in geology common disciplines. Most of our members are from Serbia, but we also have international members. List of active member you can find HERE.
– All active members have right on free hardcopy of our publication “Zapisnici”, they have right to obtain price reduction for congresses fees that are organized by Society, they can participate free of charge to minor professional excursions and field trips that are organized by Society. All member have right on help for publishing their papers, professional and science conference contributions.- All members have right to take active participation in Society divisions, commissions, initiatives and other actions that are implemented and organized by Society.
– Using rich experience and learning from ours scholar scientist and professors, youngest members of Society are accomplishing valuable results in our country and worldwide. In that manner, youngest members are full supported for their work by Society.

Young members have right and possibility to apply for the “Annual Competition for the Best Article by Young Geologists and Students”.