Calls and Awards

Annual Competition for the Best Article by Young Geologists and Students


In order to encourage the scientific work of young talented geologists and students, the Executive Board of the Serbian Geological Society (SGD) decided at its meeting on 23 November 2012 to establish a permanent Annual Award for young geologists or students of all levels of academic studies in Geology (basic, master, PhD).

Award description:
The award will be issued every calendar year and will be traditionally delivered at the Annual Assembly meetings. Along with a diploma:
The First Award covers expenses up to 250 euro or the RSD equivalent for participation at any conference of the laureate’s choice.
The Second Award includes a voucher for up to 150 euro or the RSD equivalent for the purchase of scientific literature chosen by the laureate as well as by the SGS and other books chosen by the Executive Board.
The Third Award includes no fees for forthcoming national geological congress for laureates.

Award criteria:
Eligible candidates must be members of the Serbian Geological Society and must be no more than 30 years of age by December 31 of the competition year.
All articles presented orally at sessions of the Serbian Geological Society in the contest calendar year and prepared in accordance with the propositions and guidelines for authors of the SGD journal Zapisnici SGD (“Comptes Rendus des séances de la Société Serbe de géologie”) are in the competition.
Only those articles of which the candidate is the sole or the first author are eligible for awards.
The candidate should complete the application form and submit it to the SGD Secretary, but the SGD Award Commission has the right to include other candidates who fulfill competition regulations.
Candidates can win the First Award, i.e. the award for the best article, only once.

Award Regulations:
Competition regulations will be published regularly in the journal of the SGD “Comptes Rendus des séances de la Société Serbe de géologie”.
The competition is open permanently and automatically renewed each calendar year. Only the Executive Board of SGD can change the regulations of the competition. Proposals for change can be submitted by members of the SGD Award Commission or members of the Executive Board. Any changes would be published on the SGD website and applied the year after the decision has been made.
The SGD Award Commission works during its mandate period which is equivalent to the mandate period of the Executive Board. The Commission prepares the proposal while the final decision rests with the Executive Board and must be made at its first annual meeting.
The first award will be issued at the Annual SGS Assembly meeting in 2014 for the results of 2013. Thereafter, continuity in awarding candidates will be established.
There will be no award if criteria are not respected or if there are no satisfactory articles. Furthermore, the SGD Award Commission is not required always to confer all 3 awards: for example, the Commission could grant the second and third awards, but not the first one.
The SGD Award Commission has the right to consult external experts on the quality of articles prepared in specialized geology disciplines.
The final decision of the Executive Board will be made by simple majority vote by members present at the first annual meeting with an ordinary quorum.
The final decision on awards is to be published in “Comptes Rendus des séances de la Société Serbe de géologie”. This information and Minutes of the meeting also must be posted on the SGD website.
Winning candidates will be informed by the SGD Secretary within at least 7 days after the decision has made.