Our history


a brief history

Serbian Geological Society (SGD) is founded at the end of nineteen century as one of the very first geological societies of this type in Southeastern Europe and one of the first scientific societies in Serbia. The main objective of the Society was „to perform geological investigations of Serbian and other lands of the Balkan Peninsula, as well to inform its members and other interested parties about the achievement in the field of geology and affiliated sciences.“ By proclaiming this objective Professor Jovan Žujović with a small group of his colleagues and students, organized the first meeting on February the 10th, 1891, in the building of “Velika škola” (former University) in Belgrade.

 1891 February, 10/23. The Serbian Geological Society (SGD) was founded in Belgrade.
 1893 Under initiative of SGD the Seismological Institute of the Serbian Kingdom was established.
 1895 Under initiative of SGD and Jovan Žujović the Museum of Nature of the Serbian Country (today Natural History Museum in Belgrade) was established.
 1897 “Pravila” (“Rules”) first official constitutional act of SGD.

The first issue of the SGD journal “Zapisnici SGD” (“Comptes Rendus des séances de la Societé Serbe de géologie“) was published.

 1903 Organization of great geological excursion “Lower Danube” of the IX International Geological Congress (IX IGC).
 1920 Restoration of the SGD after the WWI.
 1921 The 30th anniversary of the SGD.
 1931 Several years after the SGD initiative, the establishing of the Serbian Royal Geological Institute was approved.
 1947 Restoration of the SGD after WWII and adaptation of the new „Pravila” („Rules”).
 1951 The 60th anniversary of the SGD was marked in Belgrade with a great celebration, a monograph and an initiative to establish geological societies in other Republics of Yugoslavia.
 1952 Establishing of the Association of Geological Societies of Yugoslavia.
 1954 Relocation of SGD from the University of Belgrade HQ to the Faculty of Mining & Geology (University of Belgrade) at today’s address: Kamenička 6.
 1958 Technical support of the SGD in creation of General Geological Maps of Yugoslavia.
 1961 Organization of the V Geological Congress of Yugoslavia in Belgrade.
 1964 Establishing of the first specialized Division (Themathic Section) in the SGD.
 1967 The VII Congress of the Carpathian-Balkan Geological Association (CBGA) in Belgrade.
 1972 Support in creation of new (govermental) Law on Geological Exploration.
 1979 Organization of the VII International Symposium on Ostracods.
 1980 „Pravila” („Rules”) formally becomes the „Statute” of SGD.
 1986 The XI Geological Congress of Yugoslavia at Tara Mt.
 1988 Organization of I International Congress on Rudists.
 1991 The 100th anniversary of 100 years of SGD was marked in Belgrade with a great academy and new appropriate publications.
 1997 Organization of International Symposium on Geology of Djerdap and the South Carpathians jointly with Romanian Geological Society (Donji Milanovac and Baile Herculane).
 1999  After 45 years forced removal to the new address in Geological Survey of Serbia, Karadjordjeva 48, Belgrade.
 2000 Restoration of the SGD after NATO military intervention in 1999.
 2003 Organization of “Paleolimnology of the Serbian Neogene” Conference.
 2005 Organization of I International Congress on Neogene of Central and SE Europe.

Organization of XIV Congress of Geologists of Serbia & Montenegro in Novi Sad SGD.

Reactivated membership in Association of European Geological Societies (AEGS).

 2006 The XVIII Congress of Carpathian-Balkan Geological Association (CBGA) in Belgrade.
SGD became collective member of the International Union of Geological Sciences (IUGS).
 2007 The SGD became member of the European Federation of Geologists (EFG).

The SGD reactivated its membership in Carpathian-Balkan Geological Association.

Along with journal, the SGD published first volume of new edition: the Monograph Series of the Serbian Geological Society.

SGD accepted the Ethical Code of EFG and publish its rules in Zapisnici SGD.

 2010 Organization of the XV Serbian Geological Congress in Belgrade.

Adaptation of Statutory Acts and new registration.

 2011 Organization of MAEGS 17 – Meeting of the Association of European Geological Societies (AEGS), which was held in Belgrade.
The first title EuroGeologist was issued under SGD sponsorship.The 120th Anniversary of the SGD at the University of Belgrade HQ.


Presidents of the Serbian Geological Society

Jovan Žujović 1891 – 1935
Mihajlo Kojić 1935 – 1939
Milan Luković 1939 – 1941
Jovan Tomić 1945 – 1946
Milan Luković 1947 – 1953
Branko Dimitrijević 1953 – 1959
Stojan Pavlović 1959 – 1960
Miloje Protić 1960 – 1961
Milan Luković 1961 – 1963
Nikola Pantić 1963 – 1967
Miloš Pavlović 1967 – 1973
Milan Ilić 1973 – 1975
Miloš Pavlović 1975 – 1978
Vojislav Vujanović 1978 – 1979
Živojin Đorđević 1979 – 1981
Aleksandar Grubić 1981 – 1982
Petar Stevanović 1982 – 1985
Ivan Antonijević 1985 – 1987
Mileva Sladić-Trifunović 1987 – 1991
Nikola Pantić 1991 – 1998
Aleksandar Grubić 1998 – 2002
Miomir Komatina 2002 – 2004
Ljupko Rundić 2004 – 2008
Nenad Banjac 2008 – 2012
Zoran Stevanović 2012 –