The first Managing Board of the Serbian Geological Society was established in 1897. The Managing Board has the following members Jovan M. Žujović (President), Svetolik Radovanović (Sectretary) and Petar S. Pavlović (member) same year the first Statute registered.

The Statutes has been modified in 1947, 1980, 1993 and 2010.

The integral text of the Statutes of the Serbian Geological Society can read below:

Based on the Paragraphs # 12, 22 and 78 of the Law on Societies – Zakon o udruženjima (Official Gazette of Serbia – Službeni glasnik Republike Srbije), and the Paragraph # 91 of Serbian Geological Society established on July 08 th , 2009, which was in official use since Oct. 22 nd, 2009 the Assembly of Serbian Geological Society, held on Nov. 17 th , 2010 adopted:



Paragraph 1.

The Serbian Geological Society (hereinafter the Society) is a civilian non-governmental, voluntary

scientific organization of the Serbian geologists.

The Serbian Geological Society was founded in 1891 with the objective: “…to perform geological

investigations of Serbian and other lands of the Balkan Peninsula, as well to inform its members

and other interested parties about the achievement in the field of geology and affiliated sciences.”

Paragraph 2.

Along with the common goals and objectives, these Statutes regulate mutual rights, obligations and

responsibilities of the members of the Serbian Geological Society, as well as the other issues

essential for successfull work of the Society.


Paragraph 3.

The name of the Society in Serbian is: ̋Srpsko geološko društvo ̋.

The abbreviated name of the Society is: SGD.

The name of the Society in French is: ̋Société Serbe de géologie ̋. The name of the Society in

English is: Serbian Geological Society.

The headquarter of the Society is in Belgrade.

Kamenička street 6, 11000 Belgrade/SERBIA

Paragraph 4.

The Society performs its core activities on the territory of Serbia.

Paragraph 5.

The Society has its own seal.

The Seal of the Society is of circular shape, with the diameter of 3.2 cm. On the outer rim the

following words are written: Srpsko geološko društvo, Beograd (Serbian Geological Society,

Belgrade in English translation). In the middle of the seal the year of Society’s foundation is

written: 1891, in the upper part there is the symbol of geology (two crossed hammers), in the lower

part there is a cross with four fire steels.Paragraph 6.

If there is more than one seal at the Society, they are marked with serial (Roman) numbers.

Paragraph 7.

The seals are kept by a person with signed authorization.

The authorized person is responsible to keep the seal and/or the stamp.

Paragraph 8.

The Society has its own stamp of rectangular shape, with the space provided for date and register

office number.

Paragraph 9.

The Society can have its own badge, symbolizing the activities of the Society.

For individual activities (congresses, symposia, conferences, jubilees etc.) organized by the

Society, special badges can be created, symbolizing these particular activities.

Paragraph 10.

The Society is established for an unlimited period.


Paragraph 11.

The Society is established in order to solve the tasks in the field of geological sciences.

The major objective of the Society is to encourage, support and maintain the developments in

fundamental and applied geological investigations of Serbia as well as to apply and follow the latest

advances and developments in geology worldwide.

Paragraph 12.

In order to accomplish its major objectives the Society has the following tasks:

– to assemble the scientific and professional members who deal with all the branches of

geological sciences, as well as the scientific and professional members who deal with the

affiliated disciplines of geology, who all share the common interest in general development and

advancement of geological sciences in Serbia;

– to encourage, support and follow the development of scientific research in geology and to

encourage multidisciplinary research;

– to work on capacity building of its members and help their affirmation in geological


– to encourage its members’ interactive informing about the results of geological

investigations in Serbia and worldwide, as well as to encourage international scientific


– to popularize geological sciences and advertise the importance of geological research as one

of the prerequisites for the economic and cultural developments of Serbia;

– to follow, encourage and take a part of direct legislation acts allied with geology;

– to represent the interests of the geologists of Serbia and to work on the affirmation ofgeological sciences and geological profession;

– to permanently enrich and develop its library funds with exchanges of the Society’s editions

with domestic and foreign scientific institutions;

– to organize domestic and international scientific and/or professional meetings on geological

issues, important from the economic, scientific or educational point of view; Society also

organizes congresses of geologists and other national and international events;

– to work actively on the issues of environmental protection and management.

Paragraph 13.

The Society realizes its objectives by the following activities:

– hold regular annual assemblies of the Society, as well as the occasional assemblies if necessary

or required.

– organize the Society’s meetings (plenary, and thematic in Division’s sessions) with the

objective to represent the results of scientific and professional geological investigations of the

Society’s members, as well as reports/discussion on actual problems in geological sciences in

Serbia and abroad.

– organize, upon needs and requests, different meetings (round tables, symposia, conferences

etc.), on domestic or international level.

– publish regularly the journal „Zapisnici Srpskog geološkog društva = Comptes rendus des

séances de la Société Serbe de géologie“, as well as the other special domestic or international

editions (proceedings from congresses, symposia, conferences, and other publications).

– encourage the cooperation with other geological societies and associations or related societies of mining, geological and metallurgical engineers, as well as other scientific, domestic (Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts etc.) and foreign institutions.


Paragraph 14.

The membership categories are the following:

a) rеgular

b) honorary

c) helping

Paragraph 15.

Regular members of the Society (hereinafter: members of the Society) can be geologists and other

professionals of related disciplines from Serbia and abroad.

Paragraph 16.

In order to apply for the membership, according to Paragraph 15, an application has to be submitted

to the Managing Board of the Society (hereinafter: Board), in which the candidate assumes the

commitment of respecting the Statutes of the Society.

The applications are considered on Board meetings. Proposals of the decisions on accepting new

members are made by Board members by majority of votes, while the formal acceptance of a new

member is confirmed on the next annual Assembly of the Society.

Paragraph 17.

Honorary members of the Society can be the citizens of Republic of Serbia, recognized for the

developments and advances within the Society and geological sciences, as well as prominent

domestic and foreign scientists, recognized for developments in geological sciences.

Honorary members of the Society are elected by the Assembly of Society, based on Board’s

proposal, followed by appropriate written argumentation.

Honorary members of the Society are exempt of paying membership fees.

Paragraph 18.

Admission of helping members of the Society is regulated by a separated bylaw.


Paragraph 19.

All members of the Society have equal rights. Members of the Society cannot have their rights limited, unless otherwise specified by law.

The rights and commitments of the Society’s members are the following:

– to elect and to be elected to the bodies of the Society;

– to work on realization of Society’s objectives and to execute the decisions made by Society’s bodies;

– to be informed about the activities of the Society and its bodies;

– to submit proposals, opinions and objections concerning the work of Society’s bodies, as well

as the Society in general, and to be informed about the final decisions of the Society;

– to protect and growing up the reputation of the Society;

– to take part in Assembly and other meetings of the Society;

– to pay regularly the membership fee, determined by the Assembly of the Society.

Paragraph 20.

For an outstanding contribution to activities and development of the Society, the recognised members of the Society should be are awarded with: medals, honour certificates, diplomas and other awards.

The awards of appreciation to Society’s recognized members are regulated by a separate act.

Paragraph 21.

Membership in the Society dissolute by means of:

– wilful stepping out;

– disqualification;

– quitting membership fee payment;

– death of the member;

– dissolution of the Society’s activities.

Paragraph 22.

Every member of the Society can step out from the Society.

These members must submit a written request to the Board of the Society.

The membership in the Society ceases two months after submitting of the request, provided that the

applicator fulfills all the assignments given to him/her by the Society.

Paragraph 23.

A member of the Society is disqualified from the Society after causing moral or material damage to

the Society by his/her actions, as well as in case of unduly not paying membership fees for a period

longer than two years.

The membership status of the member of the Society who did not pay actual annual membership

fees for reasonable reasons is at standstill.

Paragraph 24.

The membership in the Society ends with the dissolution of the Society’s activities.


Paragraph 25.

The Society is a professional and scientific organization where the members of the Society

participate in carrying out the tasks of the Society, elections of the members of different bodies of

the Society, in accordance with the Statutes of the Society and the Constitutional Act of the

Republic of Serbia.

Activities of the Society are realized through:

– active participation of members at Society’s meetings;

– activities of the Assembly, Board, Divisions and branches of the Society;

– forming commissions, committees, councils and working groups, if necessary;

– organizing symposia, conferences, seminars and other meetings;

– organizing field trips, etc.

Paragraph 26.

Meetings of the Society are regularly held on 10 th and 25 th day of the month.

To organize a meeting of the Society it is necessary to have at least five Society’s members present.

Paragraph 27.

The Society forms commissions for awards of appreciation – medals, honour certificates, diplomas,

etc., for the recognized individuals and institutions on demand.

Paragraph 28.

The Society organizes domestic and international scientific and professional meetings on demand.

Paragraph 29.

The topics of scientific and professional meetings are confirmed by Assembly of the Society, on

Board’s proposal.

Preparations for scientific and professional meetings are governed by Organizational Board,

decided by the Assembly after Board’s proposal.

Paragraph 30.

Geological field trips are organized according to the Programme, by the Board decision.

Organization of field trips is regulated by a separate bylaw.

Paragraph 31.

Society’s members (at least 10 regular members) can form branches of the Society in regions, cities

and towns, geological organizations, geological faculties, and other organizations and institutions

with the aim of implementation of the objectives of the Society.

Paragraph 32.

The Society’s branches act on principles compliant with the Statutes of the Society.

Paragraph 33.

In the aim of developing scientific and professional activities and advancing of certain geological

disciplines, Divisions, which comprise the members of the Society – specialists for certain

disciplines, can be formed within the Society. These Divisions are:

– Stratigraphy, Pаlaеоntоlogy and Tectonics Division;

– Mineralogy, Petrology, Geochemistry and Sedimentology Division;

– Hydrogeology Division;

– Engineering Geology Division;

– Petroleum Geology and Geophysics Division;

– Economic Geology and Ore Deposits Division;

– History of Geology Division and others.

Paragraph 34.

The decision on forming a Division is made by Assembly of the Society, based on a proposal submitted by at least 10 members of the Society.

Paragraph 35.

The Divisions are not legal entities, so the bodies of the Society are the institutional bodies of the Divisions.

Paragraph 36.

Activities of the Divisions are regulated by the Regulations of the Division, which should comply with the Statutes of the Society. The activities of the Divisions are coordinated by the Board.

Paragraph 37.

The activities of a Division are led by the President and the Secretary of the Division. The President and the Secretary of the Divisions are elected by members of the Annual Assembly of the Division, with the mandate time-coordinated with the mandate of the Board of the Society.Paragraph 38.

The Divisions should try to gather as many experts as possible, for the purpose of better realization of the objectives of the Society (Paragraphs 11 and 12); organizes meetings, and collecting through delegated members the membership fees. The fees are further being paid in the account of the Society.

Paragraph 39.

The Divisions are responsible for all the commitments of its members to the Society. Divisions are

not allowed to, without authorization of the Society; take any contractual commitments, whether of

material or any other nature.


Paragraph 40.

The Society is organized as an integral organization.


Paragraph 41.

The bodies of the Society are: Assembly, Managing Board, Supervisory Board, Court of Honor and

the President of the Society.

Paragraph 42.

The Assembly is the supreme governing body of the Society.

The Assembly consists of the members of the Society.

Paragraph 43.

The Assembly is held once a year; only exceptionally the Assembly can be realized on demand.

The Assembly for electing a new Board is held every second year.

The Assembly is convened by the President of the Society, based on Board’s decision.

The President of the Society is due to convene the Assembly within 30 days upon request of Board,

Supervisory Board or request of at least 30 members of the Society with written explanation. The

written request should be submitted to the Board and include all matters required to be discussed.

If the President of Society did not organize the Assembly, in this case the assembly should be

convened by the Vice-President of the Society or one of the members of the Board from the group

asking for the Assembly.

The Assembly prepared and led by the Operative Presidency which are elected at the Assembly, and

consists of the President and two members. The Assembly report is signed by the President of the

Operative Presidency and tallyman.

Paragraph 44.

The Assembly of the Society is authorized to:

– ratify the Statutes; make decisions on changes and amendments on the Statutes;

– acknowledge Regulations on activities of the Assembly;

– elect and disqualify the bodies of the Society;

– decide on membership in associations, both national and international,-

– consider and ratifies financial reports;

– decide on statutory changes;

– declare or adopt Rules of Procedure for Assembly work;

– reports on activities of its bodies;

– elect members of the Society bodies;

– acknowledge plan and programme of the activities of the Society;

– acknowledge financial plan of the Society;

– consider and ratifies, at least annually, reports and plans of the Society bodies;

– elect Organizational Committees of Society events proposed by the Board;

– confirm acceptance of new members;

– elect honorary members of the Society;

– make decisions on joining the associations or similar, domestic or foreign organizations;

– elect its representatives in different affiliations and associations, both domestic or foreign;

– elect its representatives in Association of engineers and technicians (mining, geological and

metallurgical professionals) of Serbia;

– make decision on the amount of membership fees;

– make decisions on appeals, objections and complaints;

– perform other activities defined by law and Statutes of the Society;

– make decisions on cessation of the activities of the Society.

Paragraph 45.

The Assembly of the Society can be held if more than half of total number of members of the

Society is present.

The decisions of the Assembly are made by the majority of votes from the Society’s members

present at the Assembly. The exception is when voting for cessation of the Society, Society

properties, adoption of statutory acts, when two third of present votes is required for decision.

Vote at the Assembly is public with raising the hands, unless the Assembly will decide on secret

voting with voting papers.

If the present Society’s members’ number is not sufficient, the Assembly is delayed for one hour.

After the hour has passed, the activities of the Assembly are valid with the present number of

members, while the decisions of the Assembly are valid with the majority of the present number of

Society’s members are in favour of them.

Paragraph 46.

The Assembly is operating in accordance to the Rules of Procedure, confirmed at the beginning of

the Assembly.

Paragraph 47.

The Assembly is advertised at least 7 days in advance, by means of advertising in the public media

or on other appropriate way.

Paragraph 48.

The Managing Board (hereinafter: Board) of the Society is a collective executive body governing

the activities of the Society.

The Board is constituted by nine members elected by the Assembly of the Society among themembers of the Society.

The Board is constituted immediately after the Assembly, and elects the President, Vice-President,

Secretary, Technical Secretary and the Treasurer among its members.

The Board members are elected for the period of two years, providing that their mandate can be

renewed only once.

Paragraph 49.

The Board’s competencies include:

– To look after implementation of the decisions, conclusions and recommendations of the Society’s


– To look after implementation of the of the work programme defined by the Assembly.

– To define proposal of the Statutes and bylaws which should be ratified by the Assembly.

– To coordinate and encourage the activities of the divisions and branches.

– To follow the activities of the Society’s other bodies and make proposals for their advancements.

– To co-operate and maintain contacts with other geological societies, Society of the Serbian

Geological Engineers and Technicians and other national, international and foreign organizations

with similar affiliations.

– To manage properties of the Society.

– To deal with other issues related to the Statutes and bylaws which were placed in the scope of

activities of the Assembly.

– The objections against the decisions of the Board should be addressed to the Assembly or to the

Supervisory Board of the Society.

Paragraph 50.

Obligations of the Board members:

The President represents the Society in every occasion when necessary, towards the third parties as well as towards the other organizations and associations according to the regulations in the Statutes. Chairs all the meetings of the Society, organizes Board meetings and Assemblies, opens the Assembly sessions till the election of the Operating Presidency of the Assembly. By his/her signature verifies the financial and material expenses of the Society.

The Vice-President substitutes the President in the events of his/her absence.

The Secretary maintains the complete administration of the Society, prepares Board meetings and Assembly sessions in cooperation with the President. Write minutes from Board meetings and Society meetings, appoint the meetings, etc.

The Technical Secretary assists to the Secretary in his works.

The Treasurer is responsible for financial activities of the Society, organizing the collection of annual membership fees and writing the Society’s annual financial reports together with the President.

Paragraph 51.

Board meetings are organized occasionally.

Board meetings are assembled and chaired by the President of the Society and in case of the

President’s absence, it should be substituted by the Vice-President or another Board member

appointed by the President.

Paragraph 52.

The President is responsible to call the meetings of the Board by request in one of the following


-request of the Supervisory Board

-request of 1/3 of Board members

– request of members of one of the Divisions

If the President does not appoint the Board meeting, it will be appointed by the one of the requesters noticed in this Paragraph.

Paragraph 53.

The Board makes valid decisions if the majority of its members are present at the meeting.

Decisions of the Board are made if the majority of present Board members vote in favour of it (by rising of hands).

Paragraph 54.

The Board is responsible for its activities to the Assembly of the Society.

If any members of the Board do not accomplish their tasks with due diligence, or they act against

the decisions of the Assembly, interests of the Society or terms of Statutes these members can be

recalled before the expiration of their mandates.

The decision on revocation is made by the Assembly

Paragraph 55.

In case of the revocation of whole Board, the Assembly is bound to elect new Board within 60 days.

Until the new Board is elected, the Board which was denied trust is bound to perform all activities

from the scope of its authorities.

Paragraph 56.

In order to establish better relations with the members of the Society, and to attract that all the

members participate more actively on meetings of the Society, collecting the membership fees and

other activities of the Boards can appoints trustees of the Society in companies and other


Paragraph 57.

The Supervisory Board controls legality of the activities of the Society.

Paragraph 58.

The Supervisory Board conduct and/or control the following activities:

– Appliance of terms of the Statutes and bylaws.

– Implementation of activities and obligations of all bodies of the Society.

– Material and financial business of the Society, as well as the accuracy in utilization of material

and financial assets.

– Protects the properties/goods of the Society.

– Evaluate the objections addressed to the Assembly.

Paragraph 59.

The Supervisory Board has the right and duty to inform the Assembly, Board and other bodies of

the Society on illegal activities and other irregularities and suggest taking certain actions within the

scope of its authorization.

Its task is also to review the objections addressed to the Assembly.

Paragraph 60.

The Supervisory Board has three members who elect the President among themselves.

The Supervisory Board has a two-year mandate, with possibility to re-electing the members.

Paragraph 61.

The Court of Honor has three members who elect the President among themselves.

The Court of Honour solves the misunderstandings between the members of the Society, on request

of the members interested in matter or on request on any bodies of the Society.


Paragraph 62.

The President of the Society can be any person who has a resident address in the Republic of


The President represents and corresponds to the Society in every occasion when required, as to the

third parties as well to the other organisations and associations according to the regulations in the


The President represents the Society unlimited in accordance to the regulations defined in the

Statutes and the decisions of responsible bodies.The President’s personal data has to be recorded in the Official Register defined by the law of the

Republic of Serbia.

The President is chairing all the meetings of the Societies, organizes Board meetings and

Assemblies, opens the Assembly sessions till the electing the Operational Presidency of the

Assembly. By his/her signature verifies the financial and material expenses of the Society.

The President with the members of the Board prepares the Assembly meeting.

The President of the Society is also the President of the Board.


Paragraph 63.

The cessation of the elected members of the Board as the President and the Vice-President may

happen by the end of the mandate, withdrawal by the Assembly, by abdication or death.


Paragraph 64.

The Society for their obligations is responsible with all their properties. The members and the

bodies of the Society are not responsible for the material /financial obligations addressed to the

Society. The only exceptions are in cases when the members of the Society’s bodies handle the

properties and the obligations as they are their personal properties. Beside the members of the

Society’s bodies are responsible for the jointly caused damages, which they made with the wrong

decisions caused as inobservance and/or planned action to caused the damage, this can be avoided

if the members are clearly declared against those decisions and those decisions are in the official

minutes of the Society.

The procedure of the compensation of the damage initiated by the decision of the bodies of the

Society based on the Statutes. With decision it can be nominated a representative of the Society in

the processes of the compensation of the damage.

The decisions of this paragraph can be applied also to the delegated representative(s) of the Society.


Paragraph 65

The Society shall maintain appropriate bookkeeping. The Society shall submit financial reports

and be subject to financial report auditing in line with the accounting and auditing provisions.

The annual accounts and reports on the Society’s activities shall be submitted to its Members, in the

manner set out by the Statutes.


Paragraph 66

Within legal transactions with third parties the Society acts in its own name and on its own behalf.

The Society shall be liable for its obligations by its entire assets and property.

The Society shall have a current account with the Payment Transactions Department. The Society

may have a foreign currency account.

Paragraph 67

The Society shall be represented by its President.

Paragraph 68

The President is entitled to enter into contracts in the Society’s name from the Society’s scope of

activities, as well as to perform other legal transactions with third parties, subject to the Managing

Board’s prior approval.

Paragraph 69

The Society’s all material and financial transactions (payments) shall be signed by the President.

The President shall for this purpose deposit his/her signature with the competent authorities.

According to the Board’s decision, another member may deposit his/her signature for the same


Paragraph 70

In the event of the President’s absence he/she shall be substituted by the Vice-President together

with a Board Member nominated by the Board.


Paragraph 71

The activities of the Society and its bodies shall be public.

Paragraph 72

For the purpose of notifying the public on its activities, the Society publishes the journal Zapisnici

Srpskog geološkog društva i.e. “Reports of the Serbian Geological Society” (“Comptes rendus des

seances de la Societe Serbe de geologie”).

Paragraph 73

The confidentiality of geological data shall be regulated in accordance with the effective legislation.


Paragraph 74

The Society may join associations, alliances, etc. for the purpose of achieving common goals.

Paragraph 75

The Society shall coordinate its activities with those of the Association of Mining, Geological and

Engineers and Technicians of Serbia.

Paragraph 76

The Society is a member of the Association of European Geological Societies (AEGS), the

European Federation of Geologists (EFG) and the International Union of Geological Sciences

(IUGS). The Society shall ensure cooperation with other international societies, associations,

committees, etc. through the above associations.

Paragraph 77

For the purpose of achieving its goals, the Society cooperates with Serbian geological

organizations, scientific and educational institutions, as well as with the bodies financing geological

investigations (ministries, funds, etc.).

Paragraph 78

The Society is entitled to cooperate with and be a member of international geological organizations

and associations, unless such cooperation is contrary to the Serbian legislation.

The decision on joining other domestic or international geological organizations and associations

shall be delivered by the Society’s Assembly upon the Board’s proposal.


Paragraph 79

The bodies of the Society may within the framework of their rights and competences form

permanent or temporary working colleges, committees or commissions for solving particular issues

of the Society bodies.

The composition, rights and obligations of such working colleges, committees or commissions

shall be laid down by the establishing body.

Paragraph 80

The Carpathian-Balkan Geological Association (CBGA) shall be active within the Society as an

associated body. Their activities are performed in accordance with the established Rules of


Other commissions shall also be active within the Society. Their activities are performed in

accordance with the established Rules of Procedure.


Paragraph 81

On the Meetings the Society members and invited guests shall present the results of their scientific

and professional research in the area of geology and related disciplines and discuss problems

regarding the Society’s work and goals. The life and work of deceased Society Members and other

categories shall also be presented on the Meetings.


Paragraph 82

The Society publishes the journal Zapisnici Srpskog geološkog društva, in Engl: “Reports of the

Serbian Geological Society” (in French: “Comptes rendus des seances de la Societe Serbe de

geologie”) (hereinafter referred to as Zapisnici). The Zapisnici shall as a rule be published annually.

The Zapisnici shall contain publications of scientific and professional results of geological research

presented by the Society Members and other participants on the Society Meetings. Other suitable

articles shall also be published (“In memoriam”, reports from international meetings, etc.).

The authors are required to submit the manuscripts of their presentations or lectures (ready for

print) to the Board Secretary before the commencement of the Meeting’s work.

The Zapisnici shall contain presentations accepted at the Society Meetings. The final decision on

the printing shall be delivered by the Board.

The guidelines for pre-press preparation of manuscripts shall be contained in the “Instructions to


Paragraph 83

Apart from the Zapisnici Srpskog geološkog društva, the Society shall as required issue special

publications pertaining primarily to scientific meetings (congresses, symposiums, conferences) etc.

The Zapisnici shall be edited by the Editorial Board consisting of: The Society President (Editor in

Chief), the Vice-President, the Secretary, the Scientific Board and the Organizational Board

nominated annually by the Society Managing Board consisting, as a rule, of: the Division

presidents, the members of the Society and established experts in geology and related sciences from

the country and abroad.

The Board shall annually nominate a technical editor of the Protocols.

A separate Editorial Board (and if necessary, a Scientific Board) shall be nominated for special

publications by the Managing Board from particular scientific domain experts.


Paragraph 84

The Society shall have a library to be expanded through the exchange of publications with other

associations and institutions (geological or other) from the country and abroad.


Paragraph 85

The Society shall use the funds necessary for achieving its goals and tasks in the manner regulated

by the Law and the present Statutes.

Paragraph 86

The Society shall secure its funding from the following sources:

– annual memberships;

– donations from republic funds;

– from donating Members (institutions and individuals);

– from interests on invested resources;

– participation on various tenders.

Paragraph 87

The Society’s assets shall comprise the following:

– fixed assets;

– equipment;

– designated assets;

– current assets.

Paragraph 88

Fixed assets are assets of a permanent nature.

Equipments are scientific, professional and other publications in the Society’s library.

Designated assets are: the publication fund, the “Miloš and Nikola Pavlović” fund, as well as other

funding received for special purposes – for the organization of congresses, symposiums,

conferences, consultations, etc.

Current assets are: incomes from membership fees, donations, the sales of publications and other


Paragraph 89

If required, the Society may contract individuals for carrying out tasks of mainly technical nature,

primarily in connection with its publications, meetings, financial operations, etc. The decision on

contracting a particular individual shall be delivered by the Managing Board.

Paragraph 90

The Society Members shall be notified on the annual pecuniary and financial operations on the

Annual Assembly (Treasury and Supervisory Board reports).

Paragraph 91

The Society’s assets shall be distributed according to the Financial Plan.

The assets shall be categorized according to the type of income and distributed in accordance with

their designation, taking into account the Society’s purposes, goals, program and the Financial Plan.

Paragraph 92

The Financial Plan and the Final Report shall be adopted annually by the Assembly.

Paragraph 93

The financial transactions and the spending of funds shall be in accordance with the pertaining

legislation for the purpose of achieving the Society’s goals.

Paragraph 94

The Supervisory Board President in the capacity of a commander, or a person empowered by a

special authorization by the Society’s Supervisory Board shall be responsible for the legal spending

of funds in accordance with the Financial Plan.


Paragraph 95

The decision on the final termination of the Society’s activities shall be rendered by the Society

Assembly upon the proposal of its bodies or at least a third of the Society Members.

After delivering a decision on the final termination of activities, the Society’s all assets and property

remaining after meeting the current obligations towards third parties shall be transferred to the

Faculty of Mining and Geology of the University of Belgrade.

In the event of terminating the Society, the Managing Board president shall in a time limit of 10

days from the termination notify the Registry of Associations for the purpose of striking the Society.


Paragraph 96

A motion for amendments of and addenda to the Statutes may be submitted by:

– The Assembly of the Society;

– The Managing Board of the Society;

– The Supervisory Board;

– Divisions and Branches;

– Society Members as individuals.

A motion for amendments and addenda shall be submitted to the Managing Board.

If the Board accepts the motion, it shall institute the proceedings for amending the Statutes. Should

it establish that there are no reasons for the amendments, it shall deny the motion and notify its

submitter accordingly.

Paragraph 97

The draft amendments and/or addenda shall be submitted by the Board to the Society Members for

proposals and commenting in a preliminary discussion.

Upon the gathered proposals, opinions and remarks the Board shall draw up a proposal of theamendments and addenda and submit it to the Assembly for adopting. Amendments of and addenda to the Statutes shall be adopted by the Assembly by the present Members’ majority of votes.


Paragraph 98

The purpose of the present Statutes is the harmonization of the old version with the Associations

Act (Official Gazette of the Republic of Serbia No. 51/09).

By entering into force of the present Statutes, the old version of the Serbian Geological Society

Statutes adopted on the Assembly of 10 March 1992 shall be revoked. The old version of the

Statutes represented a base for delivering Decision 212-1-120/94 of 21 June 1994 of the Ministry of

Interior, Secretariat Belgrade.

The present Statutes shall enter into force on the day of their adoption by the Assembly and on the

eighth day of publishing the thus adopted Statutes on the message board of the Faculty of Mining

and Geology, Kamenička 6, 11000 Belgrade.

By entering into force of the present Statutes all enactments contrary to it shall be revoked.

All passed enactments shall be harmonized with the present Statutes within a time limit of 3 months

from the certification by the competent administrative authority.

The provisions of enactments not contrary to the present Statutes shall be accordingly applied until

their harmonization.

Should a provision of other enactments be inapplicable due to reasons from the preceding

paragraph, the Board shall harmonize the collision by a decision.

Paragraph 99

The Society Managing Board is hereby authorized to deliver a consolidated version of the present


Paragraph 100

The present Statutes shall enter into force on the eighth day of publishing on the message board of

the Faculty of Mining and Geology, Kamenička 6, 11000 Belgrade.

President of the Serbian Geological Society

Prof. Dr. Nenad Banjac