About us

The Serbian Geological Society (SGD) is a voluntary scientific organization of the Serbian geologists.

Serbian Geological Society was founded in 1891 with an objective: „to perform geological investigations of Serbian and other lands of the Balkan Peninsula, as well to inform its members and other interested parties about the achievement in the field of geology and affiliated sciences.“

To stimulate, help and monitor the development of general and applied geological exploration in Serbia and to influence the advances in exploration, along with keeping up with developments in world’s geology

· to gather learned and professional members, proficient in all geological disciplines, as well as learned and professional members from related disciplines who are interested in general development and advancement of geological  science in Serbia
· to stimulate, help and monitor the development of scientific research in the field of geology and to encourage multi-disciplinary work;
· to work on professional upgrade of its members and to help their improvements and affirmation within the geological profession
· to stimulate the members to inform each other on the successes and results of geological exploration in Serbia and the world and to encourage international cooperation;
· to work on popularization of geosciences and promotion of the importance of geological exploration, which is one of prerequisites for a more complete and faster economic and cultural development of Serbia;
· to monitor, encourage and direct introducing the legal regulation dealing with geology;
· to represent the interests of Serbian geologists and to struggle for the affirmation of geological science and profession;
· to continuously enrich and upgrade its library by widening the interchange of publications from local and foreign geological scientific institutions;
· to organize symposiums and other scientific and professional meetings about geological issues, important for science, economy and education. The Society, also organizes geological congresses and other national and international meetings;
· to work actively on environmental issues.