Successful completion of the excursion of Hungarian geologists “Аcross Dinaric terrains of Serbia, Montenegro and Bosnia & Herzegovina”

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prepared by Zoran Stevanović

The excursion (geotrip) of 22 geologists from the Hungarian Geological Society (HGS), the Geological Survey of Hungary, Universities of Budapest, Szeged, Miskolc, Sopron, and some other institutions and private companies has been successfully conducted between 8-16 September 2019. The group was led by Vice President of the HGS Szabolcs Leél-Őssy and Ex-Secretaries Mr Tibor Cserny and Ms Babinszki Edit, while our members professors Zoran Stevanović and Dragan Milovanović provided guidance and required explanations during the tour. The excursion was a part of joint activities under frame of the Memorandum of Understanding of Hungarian and Serbian geological societies, signed in June 2015.

The tour started in Belgrade with welcome speech of the President of the SGS Dr Meri Ganić at the Faculty of Mining & Geology. The following sites have been visited in Serbia, Montenegro and Bosnia & Herzegovina: Dam and reservoir Stubo-Rovni near Valjevo, Perućac dam and karst spring, Tara Mt. and Kremna Tertiary basin, Zlatibor Mt., Mileševa Monastery, Plevlja coal basin, Đurđevića Tara, glacial Black Lake (Crno jezero) in Žabljak, Durmitor section via Trsa, Piva reservoir near Plužine, karst features, dams and reservoirs of Nikšićko polje, Bolje sestre water intake for Montenegrin Coast, Virpazar, Kotor and karstic springs along the Kotor Bay, “Stone Sea” karst features over Risan, Grahovsko polje, Trebinje and HE system Trebišnjica, Popovo polje, Vjetrenica cave, Stolac’s stone monuments (stećci), Buna spring in Blagaj, Mostar, Sarajevo, Romania Mt.

During the tour a group of participants has enjoyed rafting over the Tara River, while for a whole group the boat tour around the Skadar Lake has been organized by the Regional Waterworks of Montenegro Coast.

During the tour the technical and organizational support to the programme were provided by the representatives of the Geological Society of Montenegro Dr Slobodan Radusinović and Dr Martin Đaković, while the Deputy Minister for Agriculture and Rural Development of Montenegro Mr Momčilo Blagojević and Director of the Republic Geological Survey Zoran Janković were hosted all participants at the ethno village Brezno. On behalf of the Regional Waterworks of Montenegro Coast the Deputy Director Ivan Špadijer, Ms Marijana Zenović and Ms Snežana Đurović also hosted the group in the restaurant “Plantaže” near Virpazar. Milan Vlahović from Electro-Energy System of Montenegro (EP CG) guided the tour across Nikšićko polje and its phenomena and objects.

Thanks to nice weather, good energy and atmosphere during all trip, and nevertheless hospitality of local guides and colleagues, excursion went well. Along nice gifts – books and maps for the SGS we received many gratitude words from our Hungarian colleagues and invitations for the events they are going to organize in coming years.

Prof. Dragan Milovanović is preparing a short movie about the geotrip which will be linked to SGS web site.

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