Geo Trip and CEG Conference – Carpathian Karst Of Serbia & Romania

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Geo Trip of the Karst Commission of the IAH jointly organized with the Karst Commission of the Serbian Geological Society to the Carpathian karst, prior to the 4th Conference of the Central European Group (CEG) of IAH. The Geo Trip is open not only to the KC members but for all interested.

The organizers have made an effort to reduce the cost as much as possible: thus, for the KC Geo Trip no fee will be required other than what is needed to cover the real expenses (based on sharing). The tour includes the visit of attractive karst surface features, springs, caves along the southern margin of Carpathian Mountains in the two countries, between Danube and Olt rivers (Donji Milanovac – Baia de Arama – Trgu Jiu – Horezu).
More information, leaflet, photo gallery and application form can be found within the .pdf file attached.