Promotion of New Edition Geodiversity and Geoheritage – From theory to practice

The monograph is the result of many years of author’s research dedicated to the study and protection of geodiversity and geoheritage objects. It introduces a historical background of the events, initiatives, strategies and basic principles of conservation of sites and objects of geoheritage value. This publication provides terminology related to geodiversity and geoheritage and identifies processes (natural) and actions (anthropogenic) that endanger or can impair their integrity, together with a wide range of possibilities, methods, remedial measures and techniques offered to prevent, overcome or avoid them. Special attention is given to valuing geoheritage, with examples from Serbia based on national and international comparison.

In separated chapters, the geoconservation management is discussed and summary of the most important international initiatives, activities and organizations involved in geoconservation is provided with examples of good practice as well as an overview of main attributes and activities of certain geoparks visited and investigated by the author. The monograph was created with the intent of acquiring the attention of wider professional and interested public to become familiar with phenomena, processes and forms that exist within the abiotic nature, which are significant and valuable from the point of view of science, profession, education and culture, as well as emphasizing the role of not only international organizations, but also individuals, in recognizing geodiversity as an important component of nature and natural heritage.


Author: Aleksandra Maran Stevanović
Publisher: Natural History Museum

Place and date of promotion:
Gallery of the Natural History Museum, Mali Kalemegdan 5, Belgrade
Monday June 10, 2019 at 2pm

MARAN STEVANOVIĆ, A., 2018: Geodiversity and geoheritage–from theory to practice. Natural History Museum in Belgrade, Special issue 45, 1-124

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